Aparna Jue

Product Manager

Passionate about product with an eye for detailed differentiation, Aparna has been in the product space for 13 years in various capacities exploring, conceptualizing, and managing strategy, product vision and market roadmaps. Her background is in Electrical & Computer Engineer from The Georgia Institute of Technology with various technology related concentrations including graduate course work in Material Science Engineering . She has had the pleasure of starting and leading Product Management programs in companies ranging from global enterprises to startups.

At Stanley, Aparna is a part of the CribMaster team leading Product Management and creating a vision, story, and roadmap for CribMaster’s global product strategy. She enjoys the nature of organized chaos and building from blank pages which is what enables her to be a strategist. Personally, Aparna likes to test her boundaries by training and competing in long endurance events that go by the slogan- Anything is Possible.