Preston Reiter

Group Manager, Industrial Automation

Preston is a group manager in the IHS Markit Manufacturing Technology team. His areas of expertise include motors, drives, and motor-driven systems such as pump, fan and compressor applications. Since 2012, Preston has contributed to the broadening of IHS Markit coverage into intricate motor and motor system applications. Additionally, Preston engages with other IHS Markit groups in order to bring to our customers a deeper understanding of the crucial trends occurring in a wide array of verticals that shape the global environment.

Preston has done extensive research on the end-equipment markets and is highly skilled in advanced research methods, statistical interpretation, and public speaking. While conducting his research he has been successful in forming several new working relationships with major suppliers and trade associations in these new areas of study for IHS Markit.

Preston holds a BBS in Finance from Saint Edward’s University and currently works in the Austin, Texas office.