Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Breakfast Briefing

8:00 am

Breakfast Briefing – Consultants Clinic hosted by IDC

To kick off the day, we will start on an educational note. Grab some breakfast, head into the Main Plenary room and select one of the topic tables hosted by an analyst from IDC. At these tables you’ll have the opportunity to have a relaxed yet in-depth conversation over coffee with your peers and a top consultant, who’s an expert in their field. Bring your questions, comments, concerns and learn more about these technologies and if they are right for you and your company.

Digital Engineering as the Foundation for Industry 4.0 – Kevin Prouty, Group Vice President of Energy & Manufacturing, IDC

IT/OT and the Future of Operations Technology – Jon Lang, Research Manager – IT/OT Convergence, IDC

Talent Management in the Digital Age of Manufacturing – Reid Paquin, Research Director – Manufacturing Insights & IT Priorities, IDC

Morning Plenary

8:45 am

IoB Intro & Speed Networking

9:00 am

Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks
Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst, ABI Research

9:15 am

Leading Through the 4th Industrial Revolution

Today, manufacturers are looking into new technologies such as AI, automation, data analytics, 3D printing and much more to transform their operations for the better. These trends are transforming the production landscape, and leadership is no exception. With so much focus on these transformations – big or small – it’s easy to lose sight of what’s needed to successfully implement a digital strategy: your workforce.

We’ll kickoff our conference going over the following:
•  Creating an ecosystem for people to create ideas through leadership, trust and empowerment
•  Viewing technology as an enabler of innovation rather than the solution itself
•  Leveraging tools and technologies to make your ideas a reality that can be implemented
•  Aligning IT teams and business executives by creating smaller and product-focused teams

Kate Maxwell, Chief Engineer, Raytheon

9:40 am

Aligning Business, Operational & IT Teams to Achieve Competitive Gain & Counter Cybersecurity

Aligning Business, Operational & IT Teams to Achieve Competitive Gain & Counter Cybersecurity

Previously IT would not have such a strong impact on business success. However, with the rise of connectivity, connected devices and therefore data rich manufacturers, Business, IT and OT teams must align. How do you break down silos and walls that have been built between teams for so long, however?

Decide on your people and system strategy to align different functions, after hearing this leading manufacturer’s approach to data and communication between teams.

Learn how to recognize and respond to the fundamental organizational shift needed to align OT and IT teams, to ensure ownership for security protocols is taken by both teams and not forgotten because one thinks the other is leading.

Held for Lead Sponsor

10:05 am

PANEL: The Full Cycle – Linking Design, Engineering, & Delivery

Before, manufacturing was just about making things – companies would design and create a product, hand it off to a distributor and collect the profits. Today, manufacturers face a competitive environment that demands more innovative, unique products and services designed to fit customers’ specific needs.

Join this panel discussion to hear how these manufacturers talk about the importance of IoT, data analytics, and IT/OT convergence to successfully complete the “cycle” for meeting customer’s needs: from product design to delivery.

Discuss the following:
•  The major business strategy trends that are impacting manufacturers today
•  What technologies are being used to ensure the best services
•  How IT and OT teams are communicating through the entire process

Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst, ABI Research

Eric Acton, Head of Innovation Ecosystems, Rolls-Royce
Susanne Lauda, Director of Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO
Cory Raszeja, Solutions Architect, Eaton
Paul Stafford, Engineering Manager – New Technology & Manufacturing Innovation, Toyota North America

10:35 am


Hear 1 x 10-minute pitch from a new innovative company (less than five year’s old) within the manufacturing industry. This session will consist of a 10-minute presentation focused on how the vendor’s product or platform is bringing new innovations and efficiencies, followed by comments and questions from our Chair and the audience.

Rahul Chaturvedi, CEO, VIE Technologies

10:50 am

Refreshments & Networking Break | 1-2-1 Meetings

11:30 am – 3:15pm


Business Strategies Track


11:30 am

Track Chair’s Welcome

Dean Bartles, President & CEO, NCDMM

11:35 am

PANEL: Implementing IoT and What That Means

Hear from these leading experts discuss the following:
•  Why you should define digitalization before starting your strategy journey
•  The key steps to evaluating your infrastructure and identifying the actual issues you need to fix
•  Leveraging IoT, advanced data analytics, machine learning, and robotics
•  Realistic expectations you should be setting for forwarding technologies
•  Picking the right partners to support you throughout your digital transformation

Dean Bartles, President & CEO, NCDMM

Craig Sutton, Manager – Advanced Technology, John Deere
Peri Subrahmanya, Product Manager – IoT, Bayer
Graham Immerman, Vice President of Marketing, MachineMetrics

12:05 pm

Predictive Analytics on the Floor

Factories, power plants, and manufacturing centers across the world are transitioning to the latest automation and real-time data analytics solutions to optimize their production lines, reduce costs, and meet consumer demands. Learn how predictive maintenance can make your manufacturing process more efficient through:
•  Preventing unexpected equipment failures, downtimes, and supply chain holdups

Darryl McCartney, Director of IoT Solution Sales, Microsoft

12:30 pm

Case Study: The Small Guys Can Do It Too!

After attending the 3rd Manufacturing Midwest event last year Pioneer Service, Inc., brought some of the IIoT ideas that were being discussed back to her own 40 -person manufacturing floor.

Hear here how she learned from the “big guys” in IoT, some of the technologies that she has already implemented, and what the future holds for Pioneer Service, Inc.

Beth Swanson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Pioneer Service Inc.


Lunch & Networking Break | 1-2-1 Meetings


2:00 pm

Transforming the Augmented Worker

In recent years, many manufacturers have turned to emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve challenges such as the imminent skills gap or the need to improve productivity and quality. What’s mostly overlooked though are the opportunities these technologies provide to connect and augment manufacturing workers to create value throughout the organization.

In this session, you’ll learn how you can leverage the interactions between the manufacturer and the technology to successfully move your manufacturing business to the digital world.

Shelley Peterson, Emerging Technology Lead, Lockheed Martin

2:25 pm

The Rise of the Cobot

With Cobots becoming cheaper and cheaper to implement, what is slowing down wider adoption?

Update your knowledge of the ways Cobots are being used by manufacturers, the advantages brought across small, medium and large plants, and how they play into the industry’s skills gap.

2:50 pm

PANEL: AR & VR Technologies on the Plant Floor

With Industry 4.0 in full effect, factory floors never stop running and every second counts. Because of this, assistive technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, with many companies seeing the benefits already in worker performance, machine inspection and maintenance, product design, safety etc.

In this panel, discover how:
•  Different types of AR & VR technologies are being implemented and used.
•  The benefits and challenges of using these technologies in manufacturing facilities.
•  What data can be collected and where it can be stored.
•  How to break down data integrity and governance.

Joseph Etris, Partner, Execution Partners

Peri Subrahmanya, Product Manager – IoT, Bayer
Shelley Peterson, Emerging Technology Lead, Lockheed Martin

Edge to Cloud Track


11:30 am

Track Chair’s Welcome

Terri Lewis, Founder & Director, PlanetConnected

11.35 am

PANEL: Edge vs. Cloud – How Can We Make Data Smarter?

In this interactive session, attendees and panelists will be able to discuss different ways and issues when making the most of the data collected to make real-time decisions on the floor, where Edge and Cloud computing come into play, and data regulation:
•  Applying Edge to support software features – making sure it’s a priority and upgrading data systems once they are embedded in the physical infrastructure.
•  What is the current state of Cloud and how it can alleviate computing needs at the Edge - and where is the Edge?
•  Tackling issues of different protocols with different networks – how do we regulate the data? Who owns the data?

Terri Lewis, Founder & Director, PlanetConnected

Gilbert Meyer-Gauen, Director of Asset Management, NOV
Ravi Tolani, Director of Digital Connected Products & Services, CNH Industrial
Ben Wald, Founder, Very

12:05 pm

Building on Your Cybersecurity Platform with AI, ML and Predictive Analytics

With attacks coming in from all angles, big and small, hackers are constantly looking for holes in a company’s network. In order to lessen attacks and even be able to react quickly, you need to layer up!

Hear how you can use and design AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics to work together to spot attacks before they can do any damage and strengthen your networks.

12:30 pm

Securing Your Devices on the Edge

As your products create data to assist your customers (and you) via IoT enablement, what is needed to defend against ever-evolving cyber risks?
•  Developing security business models to create a full approach for the security component at the edge
•  How edge computing improves security and privacy by keeping sensitive data within the device
•  What edge can do when a device is being attacked - developing a counter measure and remediation tactics during active threat situations

Roderick Kaleho, Director of Security & Risk, Cargill


Lunch & Networking Break | 1-2-1 Meetings


2:00 pm

The IT/OT Convergence: More Than Technology

Learn about IT/OT convergence from an IT perspective.

Grey Dziuba, IoT Practioner, Splunk

2:25 pm

Cloud Computing: Friend or Foe?

Smart factories deliver efficiencies and productivity to your company and your customers. But they also open the door to additional risk posed by the quantity of data produced. Find out the measures this leader goes through to identify and protect the infrastructure and data from every-evolving threats using machine learning, behavioral analytics, and application-based intelligence.

2:50 pm

PANEL: Smart Asset Management with 5G, AI, & Edge

The ability to capture data from the field is important to the technical transformations happening across the industry. Numerous organizations have rolled out sensor-equipped products, creating a steady stream of big data that can be used to further advance analytics and the integration of solutions leveraging AI and machine learning.

As the connectivity of devices and customers is increasing, the nature of the field service is changing. Join this panel discussion to learn more about the following:
•  Discover which technologies are driving up logistical efficiencies, and the ability to monitor, manage and store all this data securely.
•  Pick up case studies in smart asset management and reactive field service monitoring.
•  Explore how to carry out remote diagnostics, and the role that technologies such as AR play in enhancing inventory management and field operations.
•  How to make the IoT Platform choice from a plethora of options.

Stacey Higginbotham, Founder, Stacey on IoT

Shane Carter, Technical Architect, Phillips 66
Nolan Finch, Senior Analytics Technical Specialist, Caterpillar

Supply Chain Track


11:30 am

Track Chair’s Welcome

Jim Moorish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

11:35 am

PANEL – Reinventing Your Supply Chain

Introducing your Supply Chain to Industry 4.0:
•  Breakdowns on blockchain, AI, automation, tracing/tracking devices, sensors, clouds, data analytics etc.
•  How these technologies can be directly applied to your business.
•  Potential challenges that come with viewing and sharing customer data.

Joseph Etris, Partner, Execution Partners

Terry Pan, Principal Data Scientist, Bridgestone Americas
Seth McDonald, Senior Director of Digital Operations – Supply Chain Quality, GE Aviation

12:05 pm

Trusting AI

Enterprise applications based on advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, though still in the early stages of development, are beginning to drive innovation strategies of business.

AI-based systems can alert manufacturers to shipment delays in advance, giving them time to initiate a resolution and get ahead of the disruption. This takes trust in new technology to build a better system that will not only avoid disruptions as much as possible but mitigate those that do arise.

•  Using AI-powered tech to communicate with robotics to track, locate and move inventory with the warehouse
•  Use AI and Big Data to optimize supply chain transparency and route optimization.

12:30 pm

Smart Factory Program: Brown Field Implementation + AR/VR, AI & Robotics

Kenneth Labhart, Senior Manager of Global Supply Chain Smart Factory Innovation, Schneider Electric

12:55 pm

Lunch & Networking Break | 1-2-1 Meetings


2:00 pm

Blockchain 101

While Blockchain is a bit down the road for most of the industry, it is making itself know with many promises of traceability in the supply chain - when products reach their final destinations, most of the buyers and sellers do not know the true origins of the products, including the ingredients of the goods purchased.

Hear how Nestle is working out the kinks of this technology, how it works, moving from pilot to production, the benefits, and what’s where blockchain can go from here

Alberto Cozer, Senior Global Platforms Manager, Nestle

2:25 pm

Legacy Chain

Legacy systems may have met your manufacturing and distribution needs in the past, but you know it’s time for a transformation. How do get your full team and management to know that too?

Walking through the quadrants of digital maturity can highlight the most important arguments for long-term improvement.
•  Modernize your manufacturing, warehousing, and execution systems.
•   Minimize outages as an early clear benefit from digitalized technology.
•  Next steps for broader IT initiatives within supply chains.

2:50 pm

PANEL – Protecting Your Customer’s Data

With digital transformation efforts underway in many companies today, most sensitive customer data — delivery addresses, purchase history and other personal information — sits on internal or outsourced cloud-based platforms. Companies have the added responsibility of ensuring the proper collection and usage of all forms of customer data — a significant issue for enterprises worldwide given the sheer amount of data moving in the logistics supply chain.

So how can you be better at protecting your consumer? Hear from this panel of experts on the steps they take to ensure their consumer’s data is protected, partnerships formed with third parties, and what to do when there is a breach.

Jim Moorish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

Sandeep Kuthe, Digital Transformation Manager, Faurecia
Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, Cummins

Afternoon Plenary

3:15 pm

Refreshments & Networking Break | 1-2-1 Meetings

3:45 pm

Market Survey – Transforma Insights

Recently, the Internet of Business and Transforma Insights undertook primary market research into the adoption of IoT in a range of industries. This is the first time that the results will be presented, and Jim will be examining what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of IoT from an end user perspective. Results include sectoral analyses of solutions, motivations and responsibility for deployment, and what is holding the market back.

Jim Morrish, Partner, Transforma Insights

4:00 pm

Sewing Together Your Design, Manufacturing & ERP With a Digital Thread

Start off by distinguishing the term 'digital thread' from the other buzzwords born from the evolution of technology. Gather information into the areas to connect with a digital thread, and the benefits brought to each area and the overall process.

Hear specifics around the digital thread's role in the Industry 4.0 journey, and supporting products and partners needed to deliver the efficiencies promised by digital twins.

Susanne Lauda, Director of Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO

4:25 pm

Sharing on the Cloud

Manufacturers have seen great advances in data sharing capabilities, but IoT has not realized it’s potential for collaboration – despite being able to spread across suppliers, manufacturers, consumers and software platforms. Cloud computing represents a key platform technology that is playing this essential role enabling the next production evolution. In this session learn how you can take full advantage of the Cloud, learn more about how to protect your data in the cloud and how to share information without putting your company and customers at risk.

Reserved for Platinum Sponsor

4:50 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT – Bring Your Questions!

In this interactive break out session, you are welcome to join one of these Fireside Chats on the following topics: •  Politics & Regulation – Dean Bartles, President & CEO, National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining
With the sheer volume of new rules and policies to keep up with, manufacturers are not able to focus on competitiveness and growth opportunities. Dean Bartles will break down the some of the newer regulation acts, the future of politics in Manufacturing, and how you can keep up with the pace of technology advancements and data ownership

•  Cybersecurity – Breakout room 1 – Terri Lewis, Founder & Director, PlanetConnected
Cyber-attacks are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean your team can’t be prepared. In this discussion, Terri will discuss the trainings her teams went through while she was at Caterpillar, how to educate your customers on cyber breaches, and the different steps your teams should make for quicker responses.

•  Product Innovation – Breakout Room 2 – Bill Fienup, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation Services, mHub
Software may run the world, but hardware and physical products are still play a huge part of our everyday lives. Join Bill as he discusses how mHub brings innovative ideas to life – the product design process and a few good places to start.

5.30 pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks followed by IoM Midwest Drinks Reception